How to take care of my Grand Seiko watch?

To ensure that your watch remains in perfect working order, please take the following simple procedures:


Avoid putting the watch too close to strong magnetic fields such as those generated by large TV sets or other large electronic devices.


When you take the watch off, wipe away any moisture with a soft cloth. This will help enhance the life of the case and gaskets.


If the watch is exposed to salt water, wash it in fresh water.


Do not leave your watch in a place where the temperature drops below 5°C or rises above 35°C for prolonged periods.


If your watch has a mechanical movement, try not to leave the watch unworn for too long. Your Grand Seiko watch performs best when worn for at least 10 hours a day.


We recommend that you have your watch checked and overhauled periodically. Optimally, this should be done every three to four years.