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電話 : (852) 2736 0235
傳真 : (852) 2730 5350
電郵 : sales@thongsia.com.hk
Grand Seiko 電郵 : grandseiko@thongsia.com.hk

Where to buy your SEIKO

There are a limited number of sites that SEIKO has authorized to offer SEIKO watches for sale on the Internet. There are also many unauthorized sites, and it is important to you to know the difference.
All Authorized Sites display this mark :

This is an authorized SEIKO Internet Site.
We offer you the same high quality service on our website as we offer at our retail premises.

Naturally, many unauthorized sites seek to look as if they are authorized, so we urge you to shop with care. Unauthorized sites routinely offer watches that are damaged, tampered with, second hand or even counterfeit, and in all such cases our Manufacturer's Warranty is invalid.
To be sure that you are getting a real, brand-new, undamaged SEIKO watch with an original and valid warranty, please contact our office in your country or consult the Authorized Dealer listing on our national websites.